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Artist Visas

By far the most complex market for Israeli's to tour/showcase in is the United States; given the ever changing policy's, laws, and red tape musicians have encountered over the years. Oleh! Encourages all musicians to seek professional advice from qualified / reputable VISA agents (or lawyers). There are constant updates/changes to artist visa requirements, and various preffered interpenetrations of the process (particularly in the United States) the following agency's Oleh! Records RA works with:


Tamizdat US

RAZCo Visas

Global Access



**More information can be found at the Artists From Abroad Website (Click Here)

Tax & Royalties

Please make sure you are already affiliated with ACUM (Israel's Performance Royalty Collection Society) to ensure your income is recorded when performing abroad. (Click Here)

Please review the information and IMPORTANT updates on new IRS requirements for foreign entertainers performing in the United States. (Click Here)

Frequent Collaborators

Oleh! Records- Israeli's Music Export Office is proud to be be frequent collaborators with the following collaborators