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About Me


At this time Oleh! Records- Israeli Music Export Office is unable to provide any grants or financial assistance to qualified Israeli independent musician or music companies for 'flight support' or music export & development related opportunities. Oleh! is not a funding institution, but rather seeks to lobby the government and those policy makers responsible for allocating funding for Israel's vast and expansive music sector in a more transparent, streamlined, effective, and long term funding strategy.

NOTE: Oleh! recognizes that the current 'state of funding' in Israel for both developing & established 'export-ready' musicians, music content & music culture related companies abroad through the implementation of both 'small & large grants' for 'music export & development' purposes has a stark legacy of being made both opaque / intentionally convoluted / and entirely limited in scope by the establishment. Surprisingly, despite this fact, the amount of actual funding allocated via the government budget for 'music export & development' is quite vast & expansive. HOWEVER the question of exactly which government organs control it, and if / when / how it is truly allocated remains a fundamental 'question mark' that clearly inhibits adequate growth / development & return on investment as it relates to Israel's music export potential as a whole.

Recent published reports obtained from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the government allocates approximately 1 Million NIS via the MFA's Office of Science & Culture for 'Music' related projects abroad annually out of a budget of 10 Million NIS only within the Jerusalem headquarters; while each embassy so-called 'cultural attache' carries their own significant discretionary budget for music related funding, spent internally without any requirements to publicly report, account or justify this spending/ Subsequently, in tandem, the Israeli Ministry of Culture, currently is reported to allocate between 40-80 Million NIS for Music related projects annually, whereas this budget is designate for domestic purposes only; and almost entirely allocated for legacy purposes (Opera, Philharmonic, Jazz) not contemporary music; despite a unwritten law / policy between both the Cultural & Ministry of Foreign Affairs to grant a virtual monopoly on any 'music' related project and its funding abroad. It is not uncommon or abnormal for Israel's music sector to demand and expect more transparent, viable, and long term, financial investment in terms of 'flight support' for traveling Israeli musicians, small grants for industry professional development which designed to encourage future income & investment & exposure for Israel's music sector-at-large. However the internal policy's and 'politics' between the government ministries continue to decisively dictate the monopoly held by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as it relates to overall stagnation and failure to implement much needed change, rendering 'the system' for improving 'Israel music export' through public funding inadequate at best. Oleh! Is currently undergoing efforts related to advocating best practices with respect to music export & development to both streamline / and impact change for more efficient methods to ensure the public / the musician community and Israel's music sector access new government investment. While literally tens of millions of NIS are allocated each year for 'Israeli music culture' by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture, and Israel Export Institute, the level of transparency and specific amounts per project, and precisely how / which artists are selected for flight support, exposure opportunities etc. remains a total mystery.

Special Assistance

If you are a musician or music industry professional & have received an important / legitimate opportunity to 'showcase' at an industry event abroad, speak / lecture, or promote your music company, agency roster at any internationally recognized / significant international music industry platform, festival, or high value media event, you can immediately contact the office of Kashtum's 'music department' to request 'flight support' as well as directly to the Israeli embassy within in the country/ territory where you have been legitimately invited to perform / attend.