Oleh! Records RA


Oleh! Records RA is Israel’s official Music Export & Development Office, established to offer a dynamic, strategic platform to assist Israel’s music sector. We help the independent musician community access international music markets and establish global investment, generating massive exposure opportunities for "export-ready" Israeli music creatives around the world. Our mandate is to inform and educate Israel's music sector, while providing free/low-cost artist development projects and services, and other vital professional skills to facilitate the sector's growth both at home and abroad.

Oleh! Records RA is an independent registered non-profit organisation in Israel operating since 2006. Our board of directors is comprised of some of the most experienced and passionate music and culture professionals on the planet. As of 2016, Oleh! has teamed up with ACUM and the Israel Export Institute, becoming a joint initiative endorsed by both bodies. While the majority of fiscal support for our annual projects is comes from generous and forward-thinking philanthropic institutions both at home and abroad, we continue to operate independently from any financial contribution or influence of the Israeli government.

As a globally recognised organisation, Oleh! Records is synonymous with representing the advancement of the entire Israeli music sector and musician community, delivering and producing dozens of high value projects annually, including our flagship project, TUNE IN TEL AVIV – Israel's International Music Conference & Showcase.

Oleh!'s activity is always transparent and respectful of the needs of independent musicians and the local Israeli music sector. We provide unprecedented open access, and a variety of useful tools for export and development of Israeli music culture abroad. As a direct result of Oleh! Records' worldwide initiatives, the number of Israeli artists touring or showcasing at major industry events, and playing large scale festivals abroad annually has grown from a few dozen per year in 2006 to over 1,000+ since inception. In total, over 500+ Israeli acts have performed under the TUNE IN TEL AVIV brand since 2006 alone.



In 2006, Oleh! Records RA. was founded as a non-profit "artist development" initiative, operating as an unconventional music "label" with the goal of identifying "export-ready" contemporary Israeli music talent and branding Israeli’s music scene and musician community abroad. In the early years we produced multiple high value tours, and orchestrated dozens of high exposure festival placements. We introduced various Israeli government/non-government bodies (including the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Israel Export Institute,  the Israeli Ministry of Culture, and ACUM) to the world of “industry showcase” events including SXSW, CMJ, CMW, etc.

Oleh! is widely credited with opening and championing the virtual floodgate of Israel's "music export" at some of the most prestigious and important industry events in the world. In 2009, Oleh! repositioned itself as the exclusive market leader, becoming Israel’s officially recognised Music Export Office.

What We Do


Oleh! provides core stages of value for Israel’s music sector including:

Activating, developing, and producing a wide variety of high-value showcase opportunities at major international music industry platforms attended by tens of thousands of professionals, media, and young music fans alike.

Coordinating and organising a variety of vital industry networking events connecting international investors / buyers (festivals, managers, labels, publishers, agents) with the Israeli music industry and independent musician community.

Rolling out major marketing & promotion activity with various media partners and freelance journalists.

Providing expert training & workshops regarding music export, resources, and market knowledge, throughout the year with partners including ACUM and the Israel Export Institute, as well as our own annual major industry event, TUNE IN TEL AVIV- Israel's International Music Conference & Showcase.

Who We Are


Doron Gabbay Managing Director

Sandra Weil Cultural Curator & Chairwoman of the Board
Ilan Gozal Veteran Concert Producer (Radiohead, Suede, Wiz Khalifa, Meteor Festival)
Ariel Toli Gadilov Co-founder and COO of MyPart
Doron Levitas Head of Warner Music Israel
Jonathan Schwartz Artist Manager & Veteran DJ at Sirius XM
Yehuda Graff Leading Israeli Entertainment Lawyer

Former Members of the Board of Oleh! Records Include:
Yorik Ben David CEO of ACUM Israel's Royalty Collection Society
Yoav Kutner Radio DJ/Cultural Curator
Ronnie Braun Co-Founder/CEO of Helicon Music
Itzik Alsheich Co-Founder/Managing Director of Helicon Music
Quami De La Fox Radio DJ/Cultural Curator
Orly Yaacobi Former Head of Music 106 FM Student Radio
Doron Levitas Chairman & Founder Lev Group Media
Justin Korda Founder/Managing Director of ROI/Schusterman Foundation

Oleh! Records International Board of Advisors is comprised of both passionate & veteran music international industry professionals in all fields of the business:
Seymour Stein Sire/VP Warner Music
Harvey Leeds VP (Ret) Epic Records/Live Nation NYC
David Sonenberg Owner DAS Communications, Artist Manager of the Black Eyed Peas
Aida Gurwicz President (Ret) Cherry Lane Music Publishing
Justin Kalifowitz President Downtown Music Publishing
Steve Schnur Head of Music EA Games
Danton Supple Definition Arts- Producer including Morrissey/Coldplay etc.
Craig Balsam Co-Founder/CEO of Razor & Tie
Steven Bensusan Owner of The Blue Note/BB Kings/Highline Ballroom
Dean Raise C3 Artist Management
Andrew Genger Redlight Artist Management including Counting Crows



Oleh! Records Israel's Music Export Office has been able to carry out its' mission due to generous support from:

Pratt Foundation of Australia
Bessen Family Foundation
The Schusterman Foundation
David Lowy
ACUM (Israel's Royalty Collection Society)
The Orion Fund
The Charles Bronfman Foundation