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About Me


Oleh! Records RA

Oleh! Records RA is Israel’s official music export & development office established to offer a dynamic & robust strategic platform, assisting Israel’s music sector at-large, particularly the independent musician community with respect to accessing international music markets, establishing global investment and generating massive exposure opportunities for export-ready Israeli music / creatives on a truly global scale. Our mandate at home is to inform & educate Israel's music sector, while providing tangible tools for Israel's music sector, employing ‘best business practices’, free / low cost artist development projects & services and other vital professional tools to facilitate exponential growth of Israel’s music sector at home & abroad.Oleh! Records RA is an independent registered non profit organization in Israel operating since 2006. Our board of directors is comprised of the most experienced and passionate music & culture professionals on the planet. As of 2016, Oleh! has teamed up with ACUM and the Israel Export Institute becoming a joint initiative endorsed by both bodies. While the majority of fiscal support for our annual projects is comes from generous & forward thinking philanthropic institutions both at home & abroad, we continue to operate independently from any financial contribution or influence of the Israeli governmentAs a globally recognized organization, Oleh! Records- Israel’s Music Export is synonymous with representing the advancement of the entire Israeli music sector and musician community, delivering & producing dozens of high value projects annually, including our most well known project; TUNE IN TEL AVIV – Israel's International Music Conference & Showcase events at the most essential music industry platforms around the world, not to mentioned Oleh!'s flagship conference & showcase event in taking place in Israel annually- TUNE IN TEL AVIV features a line up of hundreds of the most promising active & export ready acts who perform for world’s most influential industry professionals including but not limited to: major festival programmers, artist managers, talent agents, music publishers and global media outlets from around the world in attendance alongside thousands of 'new music fans' of tomorrow.Our goal is to provide results driven initiatives in an supportive & open environment for Israeli musicians at international trade & industry events, and live events, by offering tangible opportunities for development & exposure to both music professionals, artists and fans. Oleh!'s activity is always transparent and respectful of the needs of independent musicians and the local Israeli music sector. We provided unprecedented / open access, and a variety of useful tools for export & development of Israeli music culture abroad.We also create valuable networking and considerable business matching opportunities; by setting out to understand the goals and objectives of exporting musicians / industry prior to our events, Oleh! aims to connect them with relevant international industry counterparts.As a direct result of Oleh! Records worldwide initiatives, the number of Israeli artists touring or showcasing at major industry events, and playing large scale festivals abroad annually has grown from a few dozens per year in 2006 to over 1,000+ since inception. In total- over 500+ Israeli acts have performed under the TUNE IN TEL AVIV brand since 2006 alone.


In 2006, Oleh! Records RA. was founded as a non-profit ‘artist development’ initiative, operating as a unconventional music label with the not-so-simple goal of identifying export ready contemporary Israeli music talent and branding Israeli’s music scene and musician community abroad. In the early years we produced multiple high value tours, orchestrated dozens of high exposure festival placements, and introduced various Israeli government/non government bodies including the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Israel Export Institute, and the Israeli Ministry of Culture, ACUM others to the world of: “industry showcase” events including SXSW, CMJ, CMW, and others. Oleh! is widely credited with the opening & championing the virtual floodgate of Israel 'music export' at some of the most prestigious and important industry events in the world. In 2009, Oleh! repositioned itself as the exclusive market leader becoming Israel’s officially recognized Music Export Office, having attempted (unsuccessfully) to convince the Israeli government to establish such an office in years previous..While applying a bottom-up approach, Oleh! has advanced the export agenda of Israel’s music sector at-large, as well as thousands of independent musicians, working diligently to ensure that Israeli musicians realize their intrinsic value both at home and abroad. The scope and depth we provide all active and export ready artists is unprecedented, in that our organization supports all genres of music, and is recognized an the only ‘honest broker’ in the Israeli music sector as it relates to music export & development. We are not a political body serving any specific agenda other than supporting Israeli music culture through economic development and branding initiatives abroad.This is achieved by: Centralizing resources and providing credible information & 'equal access' for all Israeli musicians both emerging and established to key international markets.Demanding / ensuring full transparency and substantially increased funding from the government agency’s responsible for supporting Israeli music culture both at home and abroad.Raising the profile and visibility of acts from Israel & the Israeli music sector at key international markets. Facilitating thousands introductions & networking opportunities to industry and media decision makers (buyers and sellers of music & culture). Creating a vast & expansive foot print in both the international & domestic music sector, initiating a dynamic and 'results driven' range of projects & free products to advance the music export and development of Israel’s contemporary music sector.

What We Do

Oleh! provides core stages of value for Israel’s music sector including:

  1. Developing / producing / activating a wide variety of high value showcase opportunities at major international music industry platforms attending by tens of thousands of professionals, media, and young music fans alike.
  2. Coordinating / Organizing a variety of vital industry networking events connecting international investors / buyers (festivals, managers, labels, publishers, agents) with the Israeli music industry and independent musician community.
  3. Rolling Out major marketing & promotion activity with various media partners, and freelance journalists.
  4. Providing expert training / workshops as it relates to music export, resources, market knowledge, throughout the year with partners including ACUM and the Israel Export Institute, as well as our own annual major industry event, TUNE IN TEL AVIV- Israel's International Music Conference & Showcase.

Who We Are


Oleh! Records Domestic Board of Directors is comprised of both passionate & veteran Israeli music industry and cultural professionals.

Former Founding Members of the Board of Oleh! Records include:

Oleh! Records International Board of Advisors is comprised of both passionate & veteran music international industry professionals in all fields of the business.


Oleh! Records Israel's Music Export Office exists entirely because of its generous supporters:

Former Founding Members of the Board of Oleh! Records include:

Note: Oleh! Records receives no funding whatsoever from the Ministry of Culture of Israel or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, no ANY other government institution.

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